Edinburgh Festival: Fringe round-up: Glamour

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Linda Fayne has hit the big time. So big in fact that she barely has time to think. Broadway darling diva, part-time mother and all-round consummate professional, her routine is presented here by Shirley Anderson as a kind of high-camp version of Groundhog Day. As Linda races through her life in a day like the proverbial headless chicken, the social whirl threatens to spin wildly off its axis. A companion piece to the magnificent Big Blonde, Anderson has this time adapted an Edna Ferber short story for what is basically more of the same. Anderson's prediliction for unhinged, larger-than-life females suggests a hint of fantasy fulfilment, which may be why she is so convincing as Linda. This is a more playful, trickier affair than Big Blonde, and if it lacks its pathos, it proves there really is no business like showbusiness. Appealing though, it ain't.

n Hill Street Theatre. To 31 Aug