Edinburgh Festival: Pick of the Day

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Chris Lynam - Wild Man Jungle Trip

Gilded Balloon Main Theatre, Venue 38 10pm, pounds 8 Last chance to see maniacally energised Chris Lynam risking life and limb pogo-ing atop a step-ladder. He talks gibberish and smashes fruit before taking a street-clown act down ever-more bizarre and sexually disturbing avenues, creating a stand-up routine that terrorises your inner-child into laughter.

Often I Find That I Am Naked

The Observer Assembly, Venue 3 5.55pm, pounds 8-9 A single thirtysomething woman would like to meet single men of a similar age for friendship (or more?). The scenario certainly sounds familiar. But one couldn't exactly call this emotional rollercoaster jaded: it's sexy, comical and a little rude, if at times rather a little moralistic.

Simply Barbra

The Pleasance, Venue 33 6.30pm, pounds 8 He's got the nails, the uber-bob hair-do, but most importantly Steven Brinberg has the voice of Barbra Streisand. His impersonation is beyond uncanny, it's downright unnerving... all that swooning and hushed crooning - it's loving but lethal. The script is more knowing than the woman herself, which makes the deal as funny as Barbra used to be.

Cha Cha Cohen preview

The Attic, The Cowgate 11pm, pounds 4.50 Debbie Harry with an abrasive Courtney Love-style edge best describes Cha Cha Cohen's Jacqui Dulany, an electric performer who incites adulation and more than a little fear. Laid-back grooves, twanging Southern guitars and edgy percussion characterise their sound. Cha Cha Cohen's next album is going to make them very big indeed.

So I Killed A Few People

Komedia @ Southside, Venue 82 8.50pm, pounds 7.50 Archie Nunn, a convicted serial killer on death row, takes an evening out to tell us about himself and ourselves. His monologue explores the most intimate human desires so that the boundary between fiction and reality begins to break down and we find ourselves drawn into his mania. One of the most compelling shows on the Fringe.