Edinburgh Festival: Theatre - Yes, Yes, Yes Continental Shifts

Venue 32 (0131-346 1405), 4pm, to 30 Aug
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The great Eric Morecambe was never so mad - nor could he make a leopard-skin swimming costume look as ludicrous. But there are distinct echoes of his style in the balding, be-spectacled maniac rushing gabbling round the stage, producing objects that have been bulging suspiciously from his pants, and ripping the logic out of as many scenarios as possible.

There are some comedians where you think that, given enough time and a bottle of vodka, you could probably come up with a few of their jokes. This show goes into an entirely unimaginable comic dimension however - what kind of stimulant, for example, inspires someone to use a bucket of water as a slide projector, and enables them to pull it off?

Ridiculusmus has paired the manic with a depressive in this wonderful two-hander about searching for the meaning of life, and uses the topic to indulge in all kinds of philosophical absurdities and outrageous physical comedy. I swear, you'll never have seen anything quite like it.