Edinburgh Festival 2014: The worst jokes from the Fringe

Tim Vine's one-liners have been named among the best and worst jokes

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Tim Vine’s jokes have been voted among the best and worst gags at this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

The comedian has featured in Dave’s ‘Top of the Flops’ list, in addition to winning the channel’s Top 10 Funniest Jokes from the Fringe award.

Vine won with his arguably funny joke “I decided to sell my Hoover….well it was just collecting dust”, which bears a similarity to his ‘least laughable’ joke.

The stand-up's one-liner “I’d like to start with the chimney jokes – I’ve got a stack of them. The first one is on the house” entered at number six in the worst jokes at Edinburgh list.

The 'Top of the Flops' list, compiled by TV channel Dave, features the six least funny jokes told by comics performing at the festival.

To find the least funny jokes, 10 judges scoured the festival’s venues for a week before nominating the gags they deemed the least funny.

They were then put to a public vote, with 2,000 people choosing the six jokes they found to be the least funny.

Top of the Flops at Edinburgh 2014

1. “My mate sat on my pumpkin. He butternut squash it.” - Leo Kearse

2. “I had a friend call Iain. Two 'i's... to go with the face.” - John Kearns

3. “I'm lazy - my childhood ambition was to be an injured footballer.” - Mike Shephard

4. “This vodka is drunk by the rapper Sean Combs. P Diddy? Only when he drank a whole bottle.” - Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham

5. “I tried to Google endangered species. They were hard to find.” - Suns of Fred

6. “I'd like to start with the chimney jokes - I've got a stack of them. The first one is on the house.” - Tim Vine