My Edinburgh: Alex Horne, comedian

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This will be my son's first Edinburgh Festival. He was only six weeks old in August last year so we didn't think he'd appreciate it. I hope he's ready.

I'm hoping we're ready too. It goes without saying that your priorities change when you're bringing a show and a baby to the Fringe. The flat is crucial. We all need to sleep well at some point in the month, so it has to be big enough, quiet enough, not too far from the centre of town and, ideally, not too expensive.

This is my 10th Edinburgh Festival. Comedians I've grown up with are also bringing their children with them this year and I've already arranged several playdates. I don't think my social life will be any less frenetic than in previous years, but everything will be kicking off 12 hours earlier than usual. I expect to be in bed by 12 and up at six It's usually the other way round.

Babies skew most things. Instead of flicking through the comedy pages of the Fringe guide, I turned straight to kids' shows. I found at least half a dozen aimed at children under two and most of them start at 10am. I haven't seen many 10ams before so I'm excited.

In fact, I'm more excited by this year's festival than any since my first time. I'm looking forward to seeing it through my son's fresh eyes. I can't wait to watch him watching jugglers juggling and dancers dance and be thrilled. He won't have seen it all before. Even better, when we return next year, he won't remember he's seen it all before either.

Alex Horne: Odds, Pleasance Courtyard, to 29 August; The Horne Section, Pleasance Dome, 11-12 & 23-26 August (0131 556 6550)