Tiffany Stevenson: Uncomfortably Numb, Underbelly, Edinburgh


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Youth-preserving tips from a dermatologist inspired this latest hour from Tiffany Stevenson, known to television audiences from a stint on ITV’s ‘Show Me The Funny’ comedy competition.

Wider exposure has not made any difference to the 34-year-old’s uncompromising style. She has plenty to get her teeth into here, using each recommendation of the skincare professional as an opportunity to opine on body fascism and social conditioning.

Talking to a 20-year-old girl on her front row Stevenson makes a point about the changing priorities of women as they age. “You probably floated here on a cloud of candy floss...” she observes “There are women in here in their thirties thinking about their to-do list”, she adds, by way of comparison.

Breaking things down to a bottom line that everyone can grasp is what Stevenson is all about. “Jump up and down and then breastfeed” is her advice to middle-class mothers who buy their children “babyccinos.” Hot drinks, it seems, are also the key to understanding Broken Britain: “The middle class sit around drinking coffee and talk about a revolution. The working class drank tea and made stuff.” Would that her closing section was so pithy. An overwritten ending adds an extra 15 minutes, diluting some of the previous impact of a tingling show.

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