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Creating A losing option for declarer is one of the fascinating aspects of defence. For example, suppose dummy holds AK987 in a suit and declarer 6543. Left to his own devices, declarer has no option but to play for a 2-2 break. But what if West leads the jack and East follows with the queen? Has the defender led from J102 or J2?

North-South weaved their way to an optimistic Three No-trumps after West had opened One Spades. It seemed clear that South had the spades well guarded, so West attacked with the two of diamonds.

Declarer played low from dummy and, after winning with the jack, East pushed through the nine of spades (which did not worry South) and West took his ace. Now came the first key play - West exited with his ten of diamonds, creating a possible finesse position where none had existed.

Declarer won on the table and, intent on burrowing a way to hand, led dummy's queen of hearts. West let this win and ducked the continuation of the jack as well - the second key play. South now took more heart tricks, felling the king, and exited with a club.

West cashed his two club tricks and got off lead with the three of diamonds. His earlier foresight was rewarded when declarer decided that West's play was consistent with an original diamond holding of Q1032, and he finessed the nine...

LOVE ALL: Dealer West


] 8

_ A Q J 2

+ A K 9 5

[ K J 10 9

West East

] A 5 4 3 2 ] 9 7 6

_ K 6 3 _ 9 8 5

+ 10 3 2 + Q J 4

[ A Q [ 7 4 3 2


] K Q J 10

_ 10 7 4

+ 8 7 6

[ 8 6 5