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WHEN it looks as though declarer is planning to use dummy's long suit, it is sometimes possible for the defenders to attack dummy's entries before declarer can use them. Both Easts in a Lederer Memorial match were on the right track, but only one chose the right suit.

Love-all; Dealer South



7 5 2

A 3 2

K 9 7 6 5 2


10 9 8 6

10 8 6

J 9

Q J 8 4


A 7 5 4 3 2

4 3

Q 10 6 4




A K Q J 9

K 8 7 5

A 3

Both Souths played in Six Hearts after East had overcalled in spades. West led the ten of spades to the ace and East found himself at the crossroads.

In the hope of driving out the ace of diamonds before the clubs could be established, one East switched to a low diamond. South displayed excellent technique when he won in hand, drew just two rounds of trumps, and followed with the ace and king of clubs. Then he ruffed a club in hand, trumped his winning spade with dummy's last trump, and ruffed another club. Now it only remained to draw the last trump, cross to the ace of diamonds, and run the established clubs.

The other East found a more punishing defence - at trick 2 he returned a second spade. With an entry to the table gone before he could use it to ruff a club, South found himself two tricks short when he was unable to cope with the 4-1 club division.

The 1992 Lederer Memorial takes place this Saturday (2pm & 8pm), and Sunday (1pm), pounds 3 per session at Young Chelsea Bridge Club, 32 Barkston Gardens, near Earls Court tube.