ETCETERA / Competition: Details No 174

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IN WHICH painting by which painter can you find this view?

Last week's detail came from Camille Corot's Chartres Cathedral. The story is that Corot originally painted this picture in 1830, and let it go; but then came across it again 40 years later, and considered it too photographic - photography having been invented in the meantime - and retouched it more atmospherically. It's in the Louvre.

The first three correct entries drawn were from: Mark Yakoushkin, of Charlbury, Oxfordshire; C J Parsons, of Almondbury, West Yorkshire; and D R Carter, of Lytham St Anne's, Lancashire.

Each will receive a bottle of champagne, as will this week's winners. Answers, on a postcard please, to DETAILS 174, The Independent on Sunday, 40 City Road, London EC88 1HP.

(Photograph omitted)