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Sexually active British women who have never had an orgasm:


Major studios' cost of delivering sample movie videos to 4,500 Oscar jury members:

dollars 4,000,000

Supertanker loads of acid-rain-making sulphur dioxide emitted by Drax, North Yorks, electric power station in 1992:


Spoons of sugar in a large cola soft-drink:


Percentage of childhood cancers

which are cured:


Level at which human population growth is expected to level off:


Average number of children under the age of three treated for dog bites every year:


British children per available child psychotherapist:


New shopping malls built per year

in the US:


Reported promotional budget of Disney's movie Nightmare Before Christmas:

dollars 14,000,000

Women professors of chemistry in the UK:


Houses in Birmingham without indoor

lavatory or bathroom:


Sales of Diane Von Furstenberg's fashion collection in its first two hours displayed on the USA's QVC TV shopping channel:

dollars 1,200,000

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