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People per square kilometre in Iceland: 2.5

Cars per square kilometre in the European Community: 57

English and Welsh crimes of violence against the person in 1955: 7,844

In 1971: 47,000

In 1991: 191,000

Deaths or injuries caused by firearms in England and Wales in 1985: 2,864

In 1991: 2,132

Ambulance call-outs per hour: 246

Average hours between road accident deaths: 2

Pedestrians over 60 killed by motor vehicles in 1991: 736

Scottish drug trafficking convictions in 1991: 640

Addicts of NHS's morphine-derived Temgesic seeking treatment in Scotland 1991-92: 957

People in job training as a proportion of the official jobless: 1/24

Percentage of French people who think business should pay particular attention to protecting the environment: 62

Of British: 49

Factor by which the average subsidy on one hectare of agricultural land in Germany exceeds Britain's: 3.4

In Italy: 2.3

In France: 1.59

Supertanker loads of surplus beef refrigerated in EC countries in 1992: 8

Islands in Ontario: 30,000

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