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Worth of Italian TV magnate Silvio Berlusconi: pounds 1,488,000,000

Hectares of phylogenetic wetlands in Roman-Empire Italy (c50 BC): 3,000,000

In 1865: 764,000

In 1972: 190,000

Urban visitors to Uganda's Mountains of the Moon, counting porters, in 1987: 1,056

In 1991: 4,212

Tourists travelling internationally in 1960: 60,000,000

In 1991: 450,000,000

Expected before 2000: 675,000,000

Percentage of a year's offences cleared up by

Dyfed-Powys police service: 4

Untried accused people held on remand in 1992: 10,100

Expected in 2001: 13,300

Annual public budget of Ministry of Defence base, P&EE Pendine: pounds 9,600,000

Budgeted annual spending on US President Clinton's official residence: dollars 9,500,000

UK taxpayer contribution to cleaning up irradiated nuclear bomb-test sites in South Australia: pounds 20,000,000

Known drug addicts under-21: 1,100

Target percentage of newsprint to be made from waste-paper by the year 2000: 40

Advance received by D H Lawrence from Duckworth publishers for Sons And Lovers: pounds 100

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