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Proportion of 1920s feature films which survive in their complete form: 1/5

Number of times British roads added in the 20th century could girdle the world: 2

Deaths reported to coroners in 1982: 50,000

In 1992: 179,000

Cattle, sheep or pigs killed each hour for British meat-eaters: 4,000

People murdered each year in the United States: 20,000

Suicides each year in the United States: 28,000

Britons living in the United States: 5,000,000

Cost of shutting down central and eastern Europe's 25

most dangerous nuclear power plants and replacing them

with natural gas plants: dollars 18,000,000,000

Kilos of hazardous waste generated each year per Latvian: 56

Annual salary of the chairperson at British Coal: pounds 234,360

Of the Gas Consumer Council: pounds 14,150

Annual profits per partner of the US law firm Sullivan & Cromwell: dollars 1.08m

British people over retirement age per 100 workers: 30

Expected by 2031: 46

New drug addicts in 1989: 5,639

In 1992: 9,603

Licensees caught selling alcohol to under-18s in 1986: 410

In 1990: 730

Value of unclaimed Premium Bond prizes: pounds 10.8m

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