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Sound stages at major Hollywood studios: 149

In greater London: 182

New play productions at the 1993 Edinburgh Festival: 262

1992 percentage increase in crime: 6

1992 percentage decrease in police clear-ups: 6

Cost of NHS administration workforce per office day in 1990-1991: pounds 5,786,000

In 1991-92: pounds 7,099,000

Press and public relations costs of Yorkshire health

authorities in one year: pounds 486,000

Number of illegal drug addicts in 1989: 14,785

In 1992: 24,703

Sewage treatment works emitting into English and Welsh waterways: 6,000

Percentage of BBC staff who have worked there for five years or less: 47

Part-time employees in 1979: 4,000,000

In 1992: 5,000,000

Number employed in aerospace and technology in Los Angeles County: 168,800

In movies and TV: 90,000

Percentage of UK budget going to social security in 1979: 25

In 1992-93: 32

Percentage increase in Tesco supermarkets' operating profits during worst UK recession since the Second World War: 14.7

Miles juggernauts would stretch loaded nose-to-tail with the phosphorus emitted into the Baltic Sea each year by Polish industry: 9

Bathing beaches in France: 1,526

In Italy: 3,824

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