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Average number of children under five murdered by strangers each year since 1982: 1

Proportion of Malaysia's felled trees which are exported to earn foreign exchange: 1/2

Value of Malaysia's sterling arms purchases from GEC-Marconi and British Aerospace since 1990: pounds 723,000,000

Tax relief granted by the Treasury to British banks 1986-92 to cover bad loans made to developing countries: pounds 2,200,000,000

Debt cancellations granted by the Government to the world's poorest countries under the Trinidad Terms: pounds 65,000,000

Cubic metres of water used annually by California Paper Board Corporation before conservation measures: 2,473,000

After conservation measures: 689,000

Gallons of water used to make a car: 6,600

Cars produced during an average working day at Nissan's new Sunderland plant: 1,150

Olympic swimming pools of fresh water polluted by Nissan each working day: 15

People added to world population in 1984: 80,000,000

Expected to be added in 1993: 92,000,000

Estimated value of taxpayer subsidies to British Nuclear Fuels plc: pounds 2,500,000,000

Tonnes of oil officially discharged into the sea by British oil rigs and refineries in 1990: 18,087

The percentage of British women who would rather be a man: 18

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