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Proportion of people who awaken rested and refreshed: 1/3

Feature films made in Hollywood in 1992: 414

Feature films financed in the UK in 1991: 20

Proportion of TV viewers who prefer better programmes to more channels: 3/4

Proportion of UK electronics manufacturing jobs supported by military sales: 30/100

Months taken to accumulate aluminium waste to rebuild all US Air Force planes: 3

Percentage of MPs' post about environment and pollution in 1987: 3; in 1992: 33

Pollution incidents per day in England and Wales in 1990: 77; in 1991: 80

Tons of nitrogen emitted into the Alps by St Gothard Pass traffic each weekend: 30

Pounds of cocaine the US Coast Guard expects to seize in 1993: 38,000

Average daily expenditure per state secondary school student on books and equipment: 15.6p

Percentage of secondary school instruction by inappropriately qualified teachers: 19

Percentage of French women, 35-49, who claim to have two sexual partners: 49

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