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Average households burgled per night: 2,167

Proportion of British households with cable television: 1/42 German and Dutch: 1/7

Average daily expenditure per state primary school student on books and equipment: 9.6p

Feature films on BBC in 1990-91: 1,066

Average number of people who go to the cinema each day: 277,260.

Who watch commercial television: 55,624,000

Percentage of live births outside marriage in Greece: 2 In Sweden: 47

Percentage of 16 to 24-year-old women who claim more than 10 sex partners in the past five years: 2.5. Of men: 11.2

Percentage of people who think pollution and environmental damage affect them daily: 69

Percentage who put environment as the most important issue facing Britain today: 5

Hyde Park-size areas of African forest felled annually in the early 1980s: 26,811 1990s: 36,231

Percentage of all internationally traded military helicopters produced by UN Security Council member states: 87

Proportion of British residents who are foreign: 1/31 Of Swiss residents: 1/7

Proportion of Britons who have injected non-prescribed drugs: 1/314

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