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Americans with some kind of artificial implant in their body: 11 million

Convoys of multiple nuclear warheads from Burghfield, Berkshire, to Coulport, Scotland, via the A1, M6 and A66 since November: 8

Annual profits of UK drug company Glaxo: pounds 1,400 million

High Courts using computers to keep their records: 0

UK advertising expenditure in 1980: pounds 2.8bn

In 1991: pounds 8.4bn

Spent on TV advertising each day in May by Andrex toilet tissue: pounds 15,167

Percentage of England's tapwater that goes down the lavatory: 23

Amount of continental USAs that would fit into Siberia's Taiga forest: 1

Male fellows of the British Academy, Britain's new postgraduate humanities funding body: 540

Female fellows: 41

Annual pay of the chairperson of the National Consumer Council: pounds 19,905

Of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission: pounds 90,150

Percentage of Crown Court defendants who praised their solicitor even though convicted: 69

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