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Dangerous-drug traffickers intercepted at Hong Kong points of entry in 1992: 52,455

Cost of two Virgin Atlantic Upper Class returner airliner tickets to New York: pounds 2,182

Of two-hours' London-New York video-conference: pounds 735

Acres of cannabis hemp needed to produce as much paper pulp as 4.1 acres of trees over a 20- year period: 1

Innu peoples of Labrador and Quebec being driven off their homelands by RAF/Nato low-flying exercises: 10,000

Low-flying sorties flown by the RAF from Goose Bay, Labrador in 1992: 1,925

Expected in 1993: 700

Cinema income as percentage of a Hollywood feature film's overall earnings in 1980: 80

In 1992: 25

Increase in hours-per-year of movies and series on BBC TV compared with 1986: 1,103

Decrease in hours-per-year of Open University programmes: 185

Proportion of viewers who rate the BBC poor, or fairly poor, value for money: 1/4

Supertanker loads of toxic chemicals emitted per year in the USA: 5,000

Official figures for 1991 visitors to South Wales from overseas: 365,800

From Britain: 4,200

Percentage of Northern Ireland's GNP which comes from tourism: 2

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