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Success rate of 1,500 US bomber missions against Iraqi Scud missile launchers in the Gulf war: 0

Football fields of new Tesco supermarket selling space built or planned in 1992-94: 29

Number of family corner-stores which could fit into two years of new Tesco supermarkets: 3,702

Percentage of Tesco directors' beneficial shares held by women: 0.4

Estimated passenger-kilometres per year saved by video-conferencing: 1,000,000

Year by which air travel is expected to have doubled: 2010

NHS maternity medical services costs in England in 1979: pounds 19,000,000

In 1991: pounds 69,045,000

Municipal bus companies left in England and Wales: 33

Expected by 1994: 0

Anglican churches closed since 1969: 1,341

Opened: 430

Proportion of principal British bathing beaches which are polluted with sewage: 1/5

Amount spent by US recreational divers in the Caribbean and Hawaii each year: dollars 286,000,000

Different pesticides detected in UK drinking water 1989-90: 43

Cost of producing and distributing the Government's policy leaflet on coal: pounds 40,000

Basic scale maps to be produced for computer screens by Ordnance Survey: 39,000

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