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Cost of planned Paddington to London Heathrow Airport rail link per foot: pounds 5,100

Drivers who say they would not use their cars less if public transport were better: 15,288,000

Britons without a driving licence: 28,200,000

Number of human deaths possible from one pound of plutonium: 42,000,000,000

Pounds of plutonium held by the USA in 1984: 380,000

Annual foreign aid per Israeli: dollars 351

Per Madagascan: dollars 35

Applications by India to extradite British residents in the past 10 years: 1

Major British companies authorised to produce 2,4-D pesticide products which are accumulating in the Arctic: 59

Women dying of cervical or uterine cancer per year: 3,264

Men dying from prostate cancer per year: 7,816

Juggernaut-loads of oil spilled by the MV Braer on the Shetlands in 1993: 3,478

By two Caribbean tanker disasters in 1979: 35,217

Hours of 1991 UK oil-well production represented by the MV Braer spill: 7

Years taken to form the oil consumed world-wide every 24 hours: 11,000

Divorce rate per 1,000 population in the USA: 4.7

In Mongolia: 0.5

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