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Estimated British citizens whose body-clocks are disturbed by working outside regular daytime hours: 4,000,000

Male Texans over 20 years of age per Texan gun store: 334

Irish people seized under the Prevention of Terrorism Act since 1974: 7,192

Discharged: 6,298

Imprisoned for more than five years: 115

British telephones in 1977: 21,672,000

In 1990: 45,600,000

Estimated BT and Mercury telephone calls per day: 90,000,000

Private consumer spending per Briton in 1980: pounds 2,494

In 1990: pounds 6,347

Jetliners in and out of London's Heathrow Airport daily: 1,059

Expected with round-the-clock operations by 2016: 1,205

Pence English Nature spent per English dwelling on purchasing National Nature Reserves 1991-92: 0.004

Cigarettes smoked per Briton annually: 1,725

Per American: 2,252

World television sets in 1947: 170,000

In 1991: 750,000,000

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