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Spent by UK publishers, per Briton, on US books sold in the UK in 1992: dollars 4.07

Spent by US publishers, per American, on UK books sold in the US in 1992: dollars 0.81

Percentage of world tropical forest area in which logging is organised on a sustainable basis: 1

Number of trees growing in the USA per American: 1,000

Value of EC movie imports in 1992: dollars 3,800,000,000

Of movie exports: dollars 250,000,000

Americans per US prisoner: 300

Britons per UK prisoner: 1,230

Average cost of producing a barrel of oil in Saudi Arabia: dollars 2

Approximate cost of buying it: dollars 18.34

Miles juggernauts would queue loaded with 1991 Scottish rubbish: 4,965

Cities with over 1,000,000 population in 1900: 16

In 1992: 290

Official studies that link road-building with jobs or prosperity: 0

Percentage increase in polluting airliner flights over London and South-east permitted by new Civil Aviation Authority control rooms: 30

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