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Annual cost per point of ITV and C4's 50 per cent audience share: pounds 33,000,000

Of BBC1 and BBC2's 42 per cent share: pounds 29,600,000

Percentage of homes in all 25 European states, including the former Soviet Union, equipped with television: 91

Households with television: 258,600,000

Gamma-dose radiation monitors located across Britain to detect nuclear reactor leaks: 92

Across Germany: 2,000

Percentage of household fire deaths caused

by smokers' materials: 30

Average number of years taken by a US government

department to buy a computer: 4

Candidates failing their driving test in 1991: 886,100

Motoring offences in 1982: 6,720,000

In 1991: 8,400,000

Hectares of orchards and small fruit crops

in Britain in 1981: 52,000

In 1992: 48,000

Percentage of government-funded research and development which goes to agriculture: 4

To war: 44.3

Number of times per hour surveyed British Telecom clerks were tapping their keyboards: 13,000

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