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Average UK taxpayer support for each man, woman and child in the six counties of Northern Ireland in 1992-1993: pounds 2,074

Average spent on each student annually by universities: pounds 6,000

On each serviceman by theMoD: pounds 22,626

The government's 1995 scientific research funds for universities: pounds 1,900,000,000

For the MoD: pounds 2,100,000,000

Estimated daily murders of girl babies by parents in India: 3,000

Percentage of funerals in France which are pre-paid: 48

In Britain: 1

Estimated wealth of sci-fi novelist Terry Pratchett: pounds 26,500,000

Satellite TV channel licences granted by the Independent Television Commission: 45

Percentage of BBC staff who work in London: 67

Major media advertising expenditure expected in the US in 1994: dollars 95,172,000,000

In South America: dollars 12,900,000,000

Value of numbered Patek Philippe 1990 wristwatch in 18 carat yellow gold with perpetual calendar: pounds 160,000

Golf courses on the planet: 25,000

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