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Reduction of Nepal's forests over the past decade: 1/2

Laws protecting the endangered original forests of the United States: 0

Year of environmental legislation by King Ataxerxes I to restrict the felling of Lebanese cedar forests: 450BC

Daily sales of electric toothbrushes in the USA in 1986: 1,860

In 1990: 3,835

Number of Bombay's 100,000 prostitutes who are under 16: 20,000

Percentage of the world's 15,000,000 refugees who are women and children: 80

Roadtanker loads of liquid industrial waste authorised for dumping at sea by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 1991: 6,833

Prosecutions by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution in 1990-91: 1

Overseas trade surplus of UK North Sea oil and gas companies in 1984: pounds 587,000,000

In 1990: pounds 121,000,000

Parker Pen company's published 1989

profits: pounds 20,683,000

Parker Pen company's reported charitable donations per employee in 1989: pounds 1.58

Estimated TV advertising spend of car manufacturers this month: pounds 50,000,000

Live aquarium fish exported each year from the state of Amazonas: 18,000,000

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