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British taxpayers' weekly payments to Germany

for military base costs: pounds 19,304,000

Designated marine biological sites of special

scientific interest in Britain: 0

Dolphins found drowned by fishnets in Cornwall

and Devon in the first three months of 1992: 105

Records available of the number of small cetaceans (dolphins, etc) caught in UK fishing since 1975: 0

Juggernaut-loads of redundant Ministry of Defence ammunition and stocks dumped 400 miles off Land's End since 1988: 730

British residents per Whitehall inspector of pollution: 345,679

Taxes spent per week on the Royal Yacht

Britannia: pounds 220,384

Farmers paid to develop their land for equestrian activities 1988-90: 749

Number of years for the percentage of workers employed in agriculture to fall from 50 to 10 in Great Britain: 160

In Italy: 60

Foreign debtors' payments to UK banks

in 1980: pounds 460,000,000

In 1990: pounds 1,809,000,000

Estimate of world women who are

illiterate: 640,000,000

Record car wheel-clamping charge, at

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire: pounds 240

Pet dogs in the USA: 54,500,000

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