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Cost of sending the Government's 55-strong delegation to the Earth Summit in Rio: pounds 500,000

Government grants to ecology pressure

groups' delegations: pounds 0

Estimated cost of Royal Navy flotilla's 1992

arms-promoting world tour: pounds 4,000,000

Cost of Government's current road improvements for Greater London traffic: pounds 1,868,600,000

Government budget per working day for reducing agricultural pesticide usage: pounds 59,923

The European Community's 1991 working-day subsidy to tobacco growers: pounds 3,565,000

Juggernaut-loads of insecticides used on US tobacco crops each year: 61

British farm acreage still radioactively contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear power station

meltdown: 466,270

Estimated abortions approved in the last year after 24 gestation weeks, because of risk of handicap: 62

Number of legal abortions in the last year

in mainland UK performed after 23 weeks'

gestation: 709

Single-handed general medical practices left

in England: 2,923

Tonnes of climate-changing carbon dioxide produced each year by the Department of Social Security: 202,000

Staff at Welsh Office in 1969-70: 766

In 1991-92: 2,399

Cars stolen every day in Northumbria

police area: 83

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