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Percentage of petrol sold which contains poisonous lead: 56

Percentage of US petrol sold which contains poisonous lead: 0

Tax expenditure of Greater London road improvements in 1982-3: pounds 30,400,000

In 1992-3: pounds 123,300,000

Prosecutions brought by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution in 1990-91: 1

British Coal miners in South Wales in 1972: 36,100

In 1992: 890

Live births in 1991: 699,217

Legal abortions in 1991: 177,642

Taxpayers' average expenditure on English and Welsh defendants' lawyers per working day: pounds 3,277,000

Annual cost of a Metropolitan Police obscene publications officer: pounds 48,388

Hours of court time taken up by poll tax cases to the end of 1991: 28,325

Average number of months taken for British citizenship application to be granted: 25

Percentage of English and Welsh magistrates who are women: 84

Deliberate acts of self-harm by Her Majesty's prison inmates per day: 8

Recorded violent crimes in 1981 in England and Wales: 138,228

In 1991: 261,409

Farmers paid tax money to use their land for game cover for commercial shoots 1988-90: 40

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