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UK civil aviation's overseas trade deficit in 1990: pounds 316,000,000

Tonnes of sulphur dioxide emitted by Richborough, Kent, electrical power station in 1990: 3,926

In 1991: 15,186

People suffering from an acute scarcity of vital firewood: 100,000,000

Percentage of Manchester's schools' budget spent on meals: 10.5

Percentage of Croydon's schools budget spent on meals: 1.9

People employed in construction in 1981: 1,041,100

In 1991: 878,000

Value of prisoners' labour to the prison system a year: pounds 47,600,000

Number of years for the percentage of workers in agriculture to fall from 50 to 10 in France: 120

In Japan: 60

Working-day value of Ministry of Defence contracts to companies with less than 50 employees in 1990-91: pounds 2,200,000

Plastic card fraud on an average day in 1990: pounds 331,500

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