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Jet aircraft lost in 1980s low-flying exercises by the RAF: 76

Percentage of Los Angeles residents who commute alone in cars: 72.3

Rail trips per capita in Portugal each year: 22

In the UK: 13

Number of times articulated road-tankers loaded with 1991 UK North Sea crude would stretch from London to Honolulu and back: 2

Snow cannon in the Alps: 5,000

Percentage of families with one parent 1971: 8

In 1991: 19

Percentage of mothers with a child under five, working or seeking work: 27

Women among US Gulf War forces: 26,000

Tonnes of beef produced by the world's top 10 countries in 1950: 12,845,000

In 1990: 34,651,000

Proportion of UK dairy farms with at least one case of 'mad cow' disease: 2/5

Percentage of British household waste currently recycled: 5

Juggernaut-loads of ozone-layer-destroying CFCs produced per working hour in the EC in 1987: 8

Percentage of people saying they would definitely or probably give up the benefits of science to live in an unpolluted world: 42

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