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Year UK oil supplies will run out, at current rate of decline: 2016

Sterling-equivalent expenditure per pupil in British Columbia, Canada: pounds 3,166

Expenditure per pupil in England: pounds 1,635

Daily spending of unelected Universities Funding Council: pounds 6,857,000

Months between regular IRA bombings of the City of London: 3

Weekly NHS spending on drugs acting on the skin: pounds 2,000,000

Written complaints to NHS health authorities in 1990-91: 37,350

Current annual cost of preparations for privatising tax collection: pounds 1,300,000

Household burglaries per hour: 91

Minutes taken to construct a standard personal computer: 10

Cities in Italy imposing a total central

traffic ban: 11

In Britain: 0

Percentage of glass containers recycled in Switzerland: 71

In Britain: 21

Cow-pat equivalents of nitrogen falling in rain on each hectare of UK land: 8,000

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