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Number of times juggernauts would stretch, nose to tail, to the moon and back loaded with a year's discharge of domestic and industrial waste into the Mediterranean: 8

Percentage of terminal cancer cases in Japanese hospitals who know they have cancer: 19

US drug addicts seeking treatment per year: 2,500,000

Tons of rubbish at the South Col of Mount Everest: 17

Cost of ITT Sheraton five-star hotel under construction in the Cook Islands: pounds 728,000,000

Cost per islander: pounds 42,873

New airliners expected to be sold 1993-2011: 11,653

People requiring resettlement because of China's Three Gorges superdam: 1,300,000

Government's war equipment contracts with Meggitt plc: 1,363

Meggitt's declared 1991 profits: pounds 23,460,000

Number employed making guided missiles at British Aerospace and Matra: 8,200

Years within which the population of Israel is set to double: 37

Of Iran: 22

Of Iraq: 17

Kilo of whale 'bacon' retail price in Japan: pounds 120

Percentage of 15 to 24-year-olds who think there is too much sex on BBC TV: 13

Of over 65s: 66

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