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Miles private school boarders (average height 4'6') would stretch if lying head to toe: 100

Percentage of males aged 16-24 who have never had sexual intercourse with a woman: 20

Children permanently expelled from their state school since 1990: 3,000

Juveniles convicted or cautioned in 1991: 105,000

Percentage who say roads should not cross sites of natural beauty or historic interest: 75

Percentage of car journeys in Wales covering less than five miles: 65

Average monthly loss of jobs in the UK automotive industry in the 1980s: 1,750

Government's expected average daily income from privatisation sales 1992-93: 22,220,000

Average debt of a British resident: pounds 958

Per capita foreign debt of Jordanians: pounds 1,093

US investment projects in the UK since 1981: 1,274. Japanese: 302

Decapitated seals found in Scotland last year: 29

Scottish bathing waters unfit for swimming in 1987: 4. In 1992: 8

Proportion of English country parishes with no recycling facility: 5/6

US percentage import tariff on the price of brooms: 42

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