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Percentage of the world's land mass occupied by cattle: 24

Percentage of parents with children under five using day-care arrangements: 70

Percentage of households with microwave ovens: 55

English country parishes without rail services: 7,347

Tonnes of world crude oil produced every second: 99

Tonnes of oil-equivalent energy produced within the EC per second: 18

Tonnes of oil-equivalent energy lost within the EC per second: 19

Supertanker-loads of surplus cereals stored in EC granaries in 1992: 250

British farmers, their wives and children leaving the land 1991-92: 46,000

Percentage of US heart transplant patients now surviving more than a year: 82

US Nobel prizewinners in literature: 9

In physiology or medicine: 68

Average budget of a 1991 British-financed film: pounds 2,460,000

Estimated ultimate cost of a currently-shooting Hollywood picture Cliffhanger: pounds 47,000,000

British hotels among 2,000 surveyed which found cat-o'-nine-tails left in bedrooms: 1

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