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Increase in world population expected by 2000: 1,000,000,000

Number of times that 4.1 million miles of baking foil thrown away by Americans every year would wrap round the planet: 164

Kopecs bought by a US dollar in 1987: 60

In mid-1993: 120,000

Schedule D tax uncollected and written off in 1982: pounds 52,763,000

In 1992: pounds 703,422,000

Percentage of university professors who are women: 3

Percentage of UK labour-force's growth to 2006 that will be women: 80

Households homeless in Manchester in 1979: 3,370

In 1992: 14,120

British taxpayer support for Indonesia's oil- seeking South Sumatra Geological Survey: pounds 2,260,000

For Indonesian libraries: pounds 75,000

Percentage of cinemas which are still single- screen: 48

Number of Berlin cabs planned to be powered by rapeseed-oil fuel: 200

Wars world-wide per year in the 1950s: 12

In the 1970s: 32

In the 1980s: 40

In 1992: 52

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