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Olympic swimming poolfuls of standard-size cans used every day in Britain: 5.6

Olympic poolfuls of water polluted in the manufacture of the current US car fleet: 24,106,000

Olympic poolfuls of ink used to print the book Chronicle of the 20th Century: 78

Percentage of Britons favouring forcible immigrant repatriation: 36

Women world-wide with contraceptive implants in their arms: 1,500,000

Seal pups surviving past 10 months old off the coast of Namibia in 1985: 54,000 In 1989: 3,000

Miles juggernauts would stretch loaded nose-to- tail with a year's waste for UK dumps: 165,000

Percentage of Japanese households shared by three generations: 40

People estimated to be inadequately housed in central Paris: 60,000

Estimated Paris properties currently vacant: 100,000

Hours spent by US doctors filling out forms each week: 25

Average sum spent before a plastic money card is reported stolen: pounds 300

Square kilometres of Britain occupied by golf courses: 1,000

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