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Inspections carried out by HM inspectors of pollution in 1987-88: 10,164

In 1991-92: 6,327

Applications for giant waste incinerators in east London: 5

New cars expected to be sold without three-way catalytic converters in 1993: 140,000

People employed in motor vehicle manufacture in 1981: 336,700

In 1991: 222,700

World disasters 1947-67: 716

From 1969-89: 1,053

Legal abortions per 100 live births in 1968: 4

In 1991: 25

Percentage of all medical prescriptions written generically (without naming drug brands): 41

Dept of Education spending on private consultants in 1989: pounds 555,000

In 1991: pounds 1,517,000

Foreign earnings of the legal profession in 1990: pounds 395,000,000

Male employees normally working more than a 48-hour week: 2,145,000

Staff at the Dental Practices Board: 1,126

Staff at the United Kingdom Treasury: 1,600

British residents per government employee: 97

Cost of installing a carved taxpayer's charter at Somerset House in London: pounds 4,927

Farmers paid to use their land for golf courses 1988-90: 70

Proportion of Americans brushing their teeth after every meal: 1/5

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