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Mother's selling price of an Aids-free Burmese virgin: pounds 72

Average cost of one F-15 supersonic fighter aircraft: dollars 125,000,000

Extra acres of public land sought by the US military for 50-ft elevation supersonic training and bombing flights: 1,500,000

Percentage of Kenya's rhinoceros population killed during the 1970s: 90

Aseptic juice drink boxes thrown away each day in the United States: 8,000,000

Scottish electronics employees in 1979: 42,500

In 1991: 45,500

Skin cancer (melanoma ICD 172) deaths in Wales in 1988: 47

In 1991: 75

Tonnes of acid rain-causing orimulsion fuel imported for electricity generation in 1989: 47,000

In 1991: 465,000

Bicycles imported from China in 1990: 100,983

In 1991: 141,874

Americans in hospital emergency wards last year after accidents involving supermarket trolleys: 33,000

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