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Unit fuel consumption of Concorde supersonic airliner: 140

Of A320-200 airliner: 32

Barrels of oil produced domestically in the US each day in 1991: 8,800,000

Barrels forecast for each day in 2010: 5,000,000

Percentage of inner London parliamentary constituencies which do not contain an Underground station: 30

Pesticide incidents investigated by the Government in 1991: 207

Workers' complaints about health and safety conditions in 1988-89: 15,217

In 1990: 18,625

Mental hospital beds to be abolished by 1997: 8,028

Tuberculosis cases in the first six months of 1991, England and Wales: 2,951

Proportion of the workforce unemployed in Northern Ireland; 1/7

Iraqi funds frozen by British banks: pounds 550,000,000

Estimated British fraud on EC finances 1990-91: pounds 12,850,000

Ratio of hospital to home births in 1990: 94:1

In 1991: 87:1

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