ETCETERA / Quiz of the Year: Answers

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A Jacques Attali resigned from the EBRD after it was revealed that the bank's headquarters had cost pounds 66.2m, including pounds 750,000 on furnishing its lobby with Tuscan marble. B John Birt, who despite being director-general of the BBC, was a freelance for tax purposes. C A transcript of a conversation allegedly between Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles was first published in Australia, when an injunction prevented its publication here. D Austen Donellan, the London University student charged with date rape. His tutor, Lord Russell, testified in his defence. Donellan was found innocent. E Eurodisney, which made losses of pounds 630m. F Ffyona Campbell, who walked the length of Africa. G The security firm Group 4, whose prison escort service kept losing prisoners. H Roy Hattersley, who twice failed to turn up on Have I Got News For You? I Billy Idol, who collapsed outside an Los Angeles nightclub. In 1990 he crashed his motorbike, in 1992 his car. J Michael Jackson, who broke off his world tour after child abuse allegations and addiction to painkillers. K Kevin Keegan, a strong contender for manager of the England football team. He said he wouldn't leave Newcastle. L Martyn Lewis, BBC newsreader, called for more good news. M Kate Moss. Fashion photographs of her modelling underwear and looking younger than her age were deemed exploitative and indecent. N Newbury, won by the Liberal Democrats in a by-election. O The play Oleanna, by David Mamet. P Jeremy Paxman, black-balled by the Garrick club. Q The Queen Mother, whose death was announced in Australia. R Stella Rimington, head of MI5. S Nicholas Soames, food minister and staunch defender of Prince Charles. 'To be King is not an ambition, it is a duty,' he said. T Graham Taylor, the Turnip according to the Sun, resigned as manager of the England football team. U Francis Urquhart, Machiavellian Prime Minister in book/TV drama To Play the King. V French Vogue invited him to edit an issue. W Mary Whitehouse, president of the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association. X Malcolm X, subject of a 3-hr biopic, who died in 1965. Y The Duchess of York. Buckingham Palace said her appointment as a goodwill ambassador to the UN would be 'entirely inappropriate'. Z Frank Zappa, the rock musician, who died aged 52.


1 To Play The King. Author Michael Dobbs sued Melvyn Bragg for his attack on the portrayal of the king in the BBC TV series. Dobbs claims that screenplay phrases Bragg alleged were a 'gratuitous slur' on the Prince of Wales were not taken from his book. 2 Tilda Swinton in Orlando by Sally Potter, from the book by Virginia Woolf. 3 Jeremy Irons, on Damage. Film by Louis Malle, book by Josephine Hart. 4 Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) in Jurassic Park, film by Steven Spielberg, book by Michael Crichton. 5 Lady Chatterley (Joely Richardson); Buddha of Suburbia (Jemma Redgrave). 6 Wild Palms, the TV version of the cartoon strip. 7 The Remains of the Day, written by Kazuo Ishiguro, screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, produced by Ismail Merchant and directed by James Ivory. 8 Tales of the City, book by Armistead Maupin, and Channel 4 series. Mrs Madrigal had been a man. 9 Addams Family Values, from Charles Addam's cartoons and the Sixties TV series, and sequel to The Addams Family. 10 Jilly Cooper wrote him into Riders, which became a TV mini-series.


1 President de Klerk who won the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela. 2 Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy, which runs to 1350 pages. The chairman of the Booker judges, Lord Gowrie, said it was, 'abysmally edited' and had it been sent to him he could have made it into a 'world-beater'. 3 The KLF which formed the K Foundation, awarding pounds 40,000 to Rachel Whiteread, who also won the Turner Prize, as Britain's worst artist. 4 Sydney, to host the Olympics in the year 2000. 5 The Booker, won by schoolteacher Roddy Doyle. 6 Anthony Hopkins who presented an Oscar for 'Best Actress' to Emma Thompson, for Howard's End, in which he played her husband. They star opposite each other in The Remains of the Day. 7 Drop the Dead Donkey which won a second Emmy. 8 Suede, whose Suede won the Mercury Music Prize. 9 City of Angels, at the Evening Standard Drama Awards. 10 Melvyn Bragg in A Time to Dance, winner of the Literary Review Grand Booby Prize for Bad Sex in the Novel.


1 Jay Kay of Jamiroquai; headline in London Evening Standard. 2 The Velvet Underground. 3 k d lang, who appeared with Cindy Crawford on the cover of Vanity Fair. 4 Sting, who began proceedings against his accountants for 'losing' pounds 7m of his fortune. 5 Apache Indian who put new, anti-fascist lyrics to 'Moving On' after the BNP won a council seat in Millwall, east London. 6 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were both 50. 7 Elton John and Kiki Dee. 8 Gary Glitter who opened a sandwich bar in London. 9 Phil Collins, described by Prince Charles, on Radio 1. 10 'Young at Heart' by the Bluebells. It featured in a Volkswagen ad.


1 Bad Lieutenant, Reservoir Dogs, The Young Americans, Rising Sun, The Piano. 2 Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. 3 Harrison Ford on River Phoenix. 4 Sleepless in Seattle, inspired by An Affair to Remember starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. 5 Federico Fellini, by John Baxter. 6 Angela Bassett as Malcolm X's wife, and Tina Turner in Tina What's Love Got To Do With It? 7 Robert Redford. 8 Kim Basinger who was sued for breach of contract when she refused to play a limbless character in Boxing Helena. 9 Jack Nicholson, whose recent flops include The Two Jakes & Man Trouble. 10 Audrey Hepburn, star of Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday, and a UN ambassador. She died aged 63.


1 Eurorebel Bill Cash. 2 Norman Lamont, sacked as Chancellor in May. 3 Alan Clark. His wife Jane explained the incident in the documentary 'Love Tory'; she had been fed up with his philandering.

4 Northern Ireland minister Michael Mates to Asil Nadir, inscribed on a pounds 50 watch. He resigned. 5 Ann Widdecombe who, very publicly, became a Roman Catholic because she objects to women priests. 6 Norma Major and Virginia Bottomley. Marks & Spencer admitted opening early for them. 7 Steven Norris's. The transport minister was revealed to have had five mistresses. 8 John Major to Michael Brunson, political editor of ITN. 9 Michael Heseltine had a heart attack at the Cipriani, Venice. 10 Duke of Westminster, Britain's largest non-royal landlord, reacting to proposed leasehold reform.


1 a Margaret Thatcher on Michael Heseltine, The Downing Street Years. b Thatcher on Sir Geoffrey Howe, ibid. c Thatcher on Malcolm Rifkind, ibid. d Thatcher on John Major, ibid. e Alan Clark on Thatcher, Alan Clark's Diaries. f Clark remembers a shop assistant in Folkestone, ibid. g Clark on Kenneth Clarke, ibid.

2 a Mr Darcy to his wife Elizabeth in Pemberley by Emma Tennant; Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. b The Willows of Winter by William Horwood; The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. c Mrs Danvers making a comeback in Mrs de Winter by Susan Hill; Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

3 a Philip Larkin, exposed as a racist and porn enthusiast by Andrew Motion in Philip Larkin: A Writer's Life. b Daphne du Maurier, bi- sexual according to Margaret Forster's Daphne du Maurier. c J Edgar Hoover, alleged closet homosexual and transvestite who publicly castigated 'sexual deviants'. Official and Confidential: the Secret Life of J Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers. d Lord Reith, the stern moralist who would sack BBC employees if they divorced, was revealed to have enjoyed numerous affairs with young women and to have spent 10 years passionately in love with a young man. The Expense of Glory: A Life of John Reith by Ian McIntyre. e Walt Disney, who - according to Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince by Marc Elliot - worked for the FBI, informing on suspected communists in Hollywood in the McCarthy years.


1 The World Heavyweight Boxing Fight between Evander Holyfield and Buster Douglas. 2 He was given out 'handled the ball'. 3 He was the starter at the non-run Grand National. 4 Sandra Farmer- Patrick. 5 a San Marino scored against England in the World Cup qualifier. b Linford Christie completed 100 metres at the World Athletics Championships. c Manchester United won the League title again. 6 Hungary. 7 One. 8 Anderlecht of Belgium v Werder Bremen of Germany. 9 Andrew Foster. 10 Neil Foster.


1 George Michael seeking to end his contract with Sony. 2 John Major's. The Prime Minister sued Scallywag and the New Statesman for libel after they published rumours of an alleged affair between him and Claire Latimer, a caterer. 3 William Waldegrave, former Foreign Office minister, cross-questioned by Presiley Baxendale at the Scott Inquiry about arms to Iraq. 4 Virgin Atlantic, from British Airways which was found guilty of 'dirty tricks', including stealing Virgin's customers. 5 Because the incident described was fictitious: Elton John was awarded pounds 350,000 damages after the Sunday Mirror falsely alleged that he suffered from a bizarre eating disorder that had caused him to spit out food instead of swallowing it. 6 Bryce Taylor, the gym-owner who took peeping-tom pictures of the Princess of Wales and sold them to the Sunday Mirror. She sued him. 7 Angus Diggle's. He was found guilty of the attempted rape of the woman he had taken to the Caledonian Ball. 8 The Queen after the paper printed her 1992 Christmas message two days early. 9 Lady Foster, wife of the architect, Sir Norman Foster, who took Customs and Excise to court. The jury failed to reach a verdict. 10 Terry Venables, former chief executive of Tottenham Hotspur, in dispute with chairman Alan Sugar over control of the club.


a Raine Spencer and her bridegroom, the financially challenged Count de Chambrun. b Viscount Linley and Serena Stanhope. c Helena Bonham-Carter. d Jan and Jean Vince, whose sextuplets were born in May. e Claudia Schiffer. The magazine spent a day with her in Paris. f Susan Barrantes, mother of the Duchess of York. g Darius Guppy, who was convicted of faking a pounds 1.8m gems raid and claiming the insurance.


1 Lennox Lewis, heavyweight boxer: p) pounds 10,500,000 gross annual earnings, October 1992-October 1993.

2 Cilla Black, television presenter: i) pounds 333,000.

3 Dr George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury: f) pounds 43,550.

4 Lord Hanson, chairman, Hanson: k) pounds 1,350,000.

5 Ros Hepplewhite, chief executive, Child Support Agency: d) pounds 47,927.

6 the Queen Mother: s) pounds 643,000.

7 Mr Blobby: m) pounds 1,000 a day.

8 Peter Wood, chief executive, Direct Line Insurance: n) pounds 15,000,000, including bonuses.

9 Paul Gascoigne, footballer: l) pounds 1,200,000, from Lazio; rises to pounds 2.6m with endorsements.

10 Martyn Lewis, BBC newsreader: c) pounds 150,000.

11 Barbara Mills, Director of Public Prosecutions: t) pounds 90,148.

12 Jeremy Paxman, Newsnight presenter: h) pounds 140,000.

13 John Major, Prime Minister: b) pounds 76,234.

14 Trevor MacDonald, ITN anchorman: g) pounds 120,000.

15 Naomi Campbell, model: e) pounds 10- pounds 16,500 a day.

16 Kelvin MacKenzie, editor of the Sun: o) pounds 175,000.

17 Chris Evans, presenter of The Big Breakfast: a) pounds 500,000.

18 Virginia Bottomley, Health Secretary: q) pounds 63,047.

19 Janet Street-Porter, BBC mogul: r) pounds 105,000.

20 Duke of Edinburgh: j) pounds 359,000.