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'I HAVE played in many worse slams,' remarked South gloomily after this deal from a recent pairs event. 'But I don't think that I have played many of them quite so badly]' He was a very distinguished player but he had totally missed a simple point in the play.

South opened One Spade, North responded Two Hearts, and South rebid Three Spades. Feeling that he was a little too good for a simple raise to game in spades, North bid Four Clubs, and South bid control in the unbid suit, diamonds. South went on to Six Spades.

West led the jack of hearts and this was covered by the queen, king and ace. Everything now hinged on the club finesse, so declarer drew trumps in three rounds and ran the nine of clubs successfully.

A finesse of the ten of clubs followed but, when East showed out, declarer found himself locked on the table. The club finesse was known to be right but he had no way of taking it again, and had to concede two tricks in the red suits.

To avoid this accident in the club suit, declarer should have led a low club from hand at trick two and finessed dummy's ten. He then draws trumps in three rounds and can lead the nine of clubs from hand, following with dummy's two. Now, with the lead still in hand, he can finesse a third time in clubs and discard his losing heart.

Love all; dealer South


S J 7

H Q 6 5 4 2


C A Q J 10 2


S 6 5

H J 10 9

D 10 8 7 2

C K 8 6 5


S 8 4 2

H K 8 3

D A 9 6 5 4 3

C 4


S A K Q 10 9 3

H A 7


C 9 7 3