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Finally this year, Ireland have managed to throw the Eurovision Song Contest and condemn Terry Wogan to the wilds of Scandinavia in 1996, but if anything positive has come out of their recent domination of the competition, it is in the form of a band of Irish dancers, who've managed to convince the world that Irish folk dancing is truly a spectator sport. Thanks for this minor miracle must chiefly go to Moya Doherty for giving birth to the Eurovision interval hit in the first place, but Riverdance has grown a great deal since then and, on its first UK tour since the immaculate conception, the show has already sold out for 17 of its 24 performances. That means there's only seven left, so start charging up the old credit cards because the fun ain't cheap. All the music for the show has been written by Irish composer Bill Whelan, and the folk dancing has been spiced up by the addition of flamenco, gospel and the Moiseyev Dance Company from Moscow. Principal choreographer is Michael Flatley who, since the original success in Dublin, has been declared a Living Treasure by the National Geographic Society - high praise indeed.

'Riverdance - the Show', Labatt's Apollo, Hammersmith, W6 (0171-416 6022) 6-24 Jun, pounds 18.50-pounds 27.50