Eurovision 2015: Graham Norton returns with another cutting commentary - his best lines

Eurovision just wouldn't be the same without our favourite TV presenter

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Graham Norton was back in Terry Wogan's former seat in classic cutting form as the UK's Eurovision commentator and, as expected, he did not disappoint.

You can take a look back at some of the TV personality's funniest lines of all-time here before checking out some of our favourites from his most recent Saturday night in the booth. 

"There she is…Conchita incoming!" - Graham welcomes last year's Eurovision winner (the trans singer with long hair and a beard in case you've forgotten) as she flies in to kickstart proceedings in style

"Big day for Ireland...big night for Australia" - Graham compares Ireland's historic gay marriage 'yes' vote to Australia making their Eurovision debut

"The song is called 'N'oubliez Pas', which means 'Don't forget'. Sadly, I think we will" – Graham slates France's Eurovision chances, probably fairly, as no country performing second has ever won


"Electro Velvet, get it? Velvet...then there's electro on them!" - Graham analyses the UK entry's act name, probably accurately

"Defying Madonna-gate...that's a cape" – Graham applauds Spain on their bravery for risking flowing garments that may result in one falling backwards down the stairs

"Still there?! It's over! It really is over" – Graham hurries everyone back from their loo breaks after Hungary's rather dreary performance

"I fear some Georgian crows were harmed in the making of this outfit. Did they die in vain?" - Graham voices his concern for animal welfare after checking out Nina Sublatti's outfit

Nina Sublatti performing "Warrior" for Georgia at Eurovision

"Now there's a shock, no Eiffel Tower. She could be anywhere!" - Graham mocks France's lack of trademark landmark in the background as they deliver their results

"It's like a bit of corrugated shed has blown off the roof and hit her in the neck!" - Graham is far from complementary about Germany's results reader's admittedly bizarre dress

"Nigella! Where is she? Sitting in front of the London Eye I'll be bound...yes." - Graham knows how the UK do this thing.