Eurovision 2015: Estonia seemingly enters Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

Could it be that Louis has ditched the world's biggest boyband for Eurovision?

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One Direction fans were given quite possibly the shock of their lives at the Eurovision Song Contest final when Estonia's entry took to the stage.

Things were plodding on in standard Eurovision fashion when fans began noticing something uncanny about "Goodbye to Yesterday" performers Elina Born and Stig Rasta.

Rasta appeared to have been replaced by none other than 1D member Louis Tomlinson. It really was quite unbelievable, just take a look for yourself, although he does seem to have aged a bit.

See what we mean? Perhaps Louis has decided to follow Zayn Malik out of the 1D door, not to spend time with a girlfriend but to join the cheesy, colourful, joyous world of Eurovision.