Eurovision: What makes a winning song?

Video: How can you pick a winner amongst the dozens of acts in Vienna?

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Surely one of the most difficult equations in the world (especially for the United Kingdom) is what it takes these days to ensure Eurovision victory?

The UK has left various glitter-filled stadium across the continent in the past 18 years without a win in the annual music competition, with many debating whether the country really cares anymore or whether it is has become harder to win because of a larger number of competitors and due to tactical, political voting.

However, changes to the voting back in 2009 have made the contest more open to credible, legitimate pop tunes rather than leaving the contest open to political favouritism from telephoning. Recent songs have been incredible hits - such as Conchita Wurst's "Rise Like A Phoenix" and Loreen's "Euphoria".

So how do you pick out a winning song from the smorgasbord of finalists? The Independent spoke to Daniel Gould, a professional gambler and Eurovison expert who bets six-figures on the contest every year, to get his best tips: