How to watch Eurovision 2015 final live online

Because nobody wants to miss out on Graham Norton on a Saturday night

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The hotly-awaited grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest is about to kick off in Vienna, but if you're too far from a TV to tune in on BBC One, it's possible to watch all the action on the go online.

Contestants from 27 countries will take to the famous stage tonight to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the annual competition.

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You can watch all the performances as they happen on YouTube. Sadly we can't embed the video into this article, but you can find it by clicking here.

Those of you wanting Graham Norton's inevitably cutting and fabulous commentary are better off heading to BBC iPlayer, where you can watch BBC One live.


Ten nations qualified in each of two semi-finals last week, with the 'Big Five' of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom automatically accessing the final.

Host country Austria also went straight through, as did one-off special guest Australia with their entry Guy Sebastian.

All 40 participating countries can vote in the final. It's a surprisingly complex operation, as our 'how Eurovision voting works' guide explains.

Good luck Electro Velvet!