UK at Eurovision 2015: Twitter reactions to Electro Velvet's 'Still In Love With You' performance

Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas's performance went down well with the audience in Vienna, but the UK ended up in 24th place

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Electro Velvet have taken to the Eurovision grand final stage with their electro-swing number "Still In Love With You". And actually, it really wasn't all that bad!

The UK is used to doing, well, not exactly brilliantly at Eurovision. There's a lot of Euro-sceptics out there and most of you were clearly expecting Electro Velvet to tank.

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Some of you were pleasantly surprised when Mick Jagger impersonator Alex Larke and former Voice contestant Bianca Nicholas unleashed their 2015 effort....

...and others of you were just left feeling rather red-faced...

Host Graham Norton wished Electro Velvet good luck before their performance, praising the staging and song for being "very Eurovision and unlike anything else tonight".