Event: Portobello festival

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Even West Londoners deserve better than the twee reputation accorded to them by the recent Notting Hill. The fourth Portobello Festival should paint a more representative portrait of the area with its diverse portfolio of cultural events. A free concert on Portobello Green kicks the Dr Martens- sponsored festival off to a flying start (tonight, 8pm) with a performance from Peruvian guitarist Mano Ventura. Meanwhile, The Portobello Film and Video Festival will be showcasing short independent films. And it's not just the residents who will be cheered by the Festival - artist Claire Brew is even attempting to brighten up the Westway with a free-standing neon installation beneath the bridge.

Venues around Portobello, London W11 from today to 15 Aug. Information: 0181- 964 4419

Peter Conchie