Mind Sports Olympiad to 29 Aug
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If you're able to memorise a 300-digit spoken number in 15 minutes, or a pack of cards in 30 seconds, then why not test your mettle at the Mind Sports Olympiad? The event, the brainchild of David Levy and Tony Buzan, aims to create an alternative olympics for the mind. Among those competing are a 10-year-old chess supremo, a Go (Korea's number-one board game) grandmaster and Demis Hassabis, a 22-year-old Greek brainbox, who is back to defend the clutch of medals he won at last year's event. The creativity section promises to be one of the most entertaining categories for spectators with contestants facing challenges such as making the optimum number of connections between Catherine Zeta Jones and a plum, as well as tackling teasers like "Why do dolphins need shells?" To listen to the land, of course. Now that's a weight off our minds.

Olympia, London W14 (01707 659080), today to 29 Aug. Entry pounds 13/pounds 5, spectators pounds 5